abi lynne wright
photographybooks as artcollage
My primary medium is the book. First, I am drawn the the physical qualities. It is a beautiful and unique medium to work with. I enjoy working with and exploring the textures, the slow aging and discoloration of the pages, and the contrast between the inorganic print to the organic nature of the paper. The book changes over its lifetime, but the content does not. Secondly, I am drawn the significance it holds. Most people have intimate relationships with the books they read. To see them cut up, torn, burned, and otherwise damaged can be difficult. In fact, for me, the very process of destroying the book is difficult. However, the books I use are discarded and unwanted. Why does this still cause such emotion? By taking them apart and putting them back together, I give a new life and a new purpose. But I find it is hard to divorce the content from the physical medium. I want to bring a out this tension to challenge the viewer about the importance and significance of the book form and why the destruction brings out an emotional response.

Further still, I want these books to take on a bit of humanity, (i.e. the revealing of the spine, the references in shape to the human body.) Obviously burning books in any way brings up many concerns, such as censorship, editing of history, etc. I want to use this, but not to an extreme. I see these books as metaphors for the intentional and unintentional forgetting, deleting and editing of history, whether personal or on a larger level. What are books but records of our human history? Our thoughts, ideas, biographies, theories. Many times, parts are forgotten or left out to protect the integrity of the individual or a group of people. My art objects are what is left over.