abi lynne wright
who do you think you are anyway?who do you think you are anyway? (detail)charismaticcharismatic (detail)charismatic (another view)sanguinesanguine (detail)meloncholy melancholy (detail)introvertintrovert (detail)extrovertextrovert (detail)extrovert (detail II)extrovert (side view)compartmentalizecompartmentalize (detail)burn (love)darlingeruptsplayeditedit (part 1)edit (part 2)edit (part 3)edit (part 4)
books as art
Here I concentrate solely on the use of the book itself as my medium. I manipulate them by tearing, layering, systematically cutting, and finally burning. My art moves into more of art objects and I narrow my field of vision. Themes I use are more selective and revolve around the idea of how we edit, create, rearrange and destroy our personal histories to create something new and more pleasing.